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Above average engagement on Facebook using 360° Photos

7-Day Facebook Boosted Ad with high-quality 360° Image. $200 budget. 

With outstanding CTR rates, our client BAC Appliance Centers - A Ferguson Company finds amazing value from the ultra-high quality 360° views we created of their kitchen showrooms in Denver, Colorado. 

Facebook 360° Posts

Facebook is a perfect place to invite visitors to experience the BAC showrooms in 360° / Virtual Reality. We assisted in loading the 360° view of BAC’s GE Kitchen to Facebook at maximum supported resolution (16K!). The view was then boosted with a budget of $200 and 7 days duration. The resulting metrics are simply superb!

The average CTR in the retail sector on Facebook is 1.59% and 0.90% overall (WordStream). BAC’s 360° post leaves those averages in the dust with an overall 4.9% CTR

Organic engagement is also trending very high at 1,948 people reached (nearly 10% of total people reached). In today’s Facebook environment, this level of organic engagement on a business page is far above average. 

Stats (GE Kitchen 360 Post):
People Reached (PAID): 20,043
People Reached (ORGANIC): 1,948
People Reached (Total): 21,991
Total Post Clicks: 1,076
TOTAL CPC: $0.19
TOTAL CPM: $0.91


Google Maps and Custom 360° Experience

360° images have proved also to be a powerful engagement tool for BAC on Google and We worked with BAC to roll-out 360° imagery across multiple channels including:

  • Google Maps

    • Full showroom tour published to Google Maps Street View

    • 89,000+ Views since publish.

  • Custom 360° Experience

    • Clickable products throughout. 

    • Featured multi-media viewable within tour (videos & animations)

    • Featured prominently on

    • Used in-house as a sales companion

    • 3+ Minute Average Time-on-Site!

The analytics from the Custom 360° Experience we created for BAC continue to impress. A CTA was placed on the homepage driving visitors towards the tour. Average visitor time-in-tour (time-on-page) over the last 12 months has averaged over 3 minutes

Source: Google Analytics 2/28/17 - 2/27/18

Call us at (303) 881-8827 or send us a message. We'd love to explore what's possible with you and our 360° photography, 360° video production and marketing capabilities. 

Advanced Custom 360° Virtual Experiences

In 2012 we launched our Custom 360° Virtual Experience platform. Built with the latest technology and served up with low-latency to viewers worldwide, we've continuously striven to develop engaging and stunningly beautiful online 360° experiences. With clients ranging from manufacturers and retailers to adventure and event companies, we've taken a deep-dive into user interface and experience design while increasing the quality of our 360° photography and 360° video imagery by leaps and bounds. 

We're proud to share these examples built using our next generation Custom 360° Virtual Experience platform.

Customized branding, sidebar navigation, social sharing, and in-tour multimedia are all new features designed to boost customer engagement and bring customers through the door. 

Please check out the brand new experiences below we've created for Unser Karting and Events, and DACOR Appliance's new show kitchen at BAC Appliance Center


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