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Custom 360° Portfolio - Outdoor & Adventure

Introduce guests to adventure with our custom 360° experiences.

Custom 360° Virtual Experience for Outdoor and Adventure. 

The next level of online engagement.

Working closely with Western River Expeditions, we covered hundreds of river miles to create Custom 360° Virtual Experiences that give a glimpse into what a Western River trips are all about.

Take a tour of the Grand Canyon in the Custom 360° Virtual Experience shared here...   

Read more about our multi-year project HERE.

Google 360° for Outdoor & Adventure

At TrustedPhoto we love adventuring into nature. We've been fortunate to have worked in some of the American West's greatest places from the Colorado River headwaters high in the Rockies through to the end of Grand Canyon and beyond. We strive to capture the spirit of adventure, in 360°!

We worked with American Adventure Expeditions in Salida, Colorado to push the limits of what can be done with custom Google Street View 360°. With careful planning, and a lot of rigging, we successfully ran some of Colorado's biggest whitewater and captured high-resolution 360° photos while paddling!

Check out the view here from the middle of a Class IV rapid on the Arkansas River in Royal Gorge.

AAE has extensively implemented their Custom 360° Virtual Experiences on their website. Check it out here: 

360° Video Production

Since 2014 we’ve been at the forefront of 360° degree video production. We’re experts in telling the immersive story. 

We’ve made significant investments in equipment, software and training. We’re proud to offer cinema quality 360° video production services for our clients.

We look forward to working with you
to tell your story, immersively.