Above average engagement on Facebook using 360° Photos

7-Day Facebook Boosted Ad with high-quality 360° Image. $200 budget. 

With outstanding CTR rates, our client BAC Appliance Centers - A Ferguson Company finds amazing value from the ultra-high quality 360° views we created of their kitchen showrooms in Denver, Colorado. 

Facebook 360° Posts

Facebook is a perfect place to invite visitors to experience the BAC showrooms in 360° / Virtual Reality. We assisted in loading the 360° view of BAC’s GE Kitchen to Facebook at maximum supported resolution (16K!). The view was then boosted with a budget of $200 and 7 days duration. The resulting metrics are simply superb!

The average CTR in the retail sector on Facebook is 1.59% and 0.90% overall (WordStream). BAC’s 360° post leaves those averages in the dust with an overall 4.9% CTR

Organic engagement is also trending very high at 1,948 people reached (nearly 10% of total people reached). In today’s Facebook environment, this level of organic engagement on a business page is far above average. 

Stats (GE Kitchen 360 Post):
People Reached (PAID): 20,043
People Reached (ORGANIC): 1,948
People Reached (Total): 21,991
Total Post Clicks: 1,076
TOTAL CPC: $0.19
TOTAL CPM: $0.91


Google Maps and Custom 360° Experience

360° images have proved also to be a powerful engagement tool for BAC on Google and www.4bac.com. We worked with BAC to roll-out 360° imagery across multiple channels including:

  • Google Maps

    • Full showroom tour published to Google Maps Street View

    • 89,000+ Views since publish.

  • Custom 360° Experience

    • Clickable products throughout. 

    • Featured multi-media viewable within tour (videos & animations)

    • Featured prominently on www.4bac.com

    • Used in-house as a sales companion

    • 3+ Minute Average Time-on-Site!

The analytics from the Custom 360° Experience we created for BAC continue to impress. A CTA was placed on the 4BAC.com homepage driving visitors towards the tour. Average visitor time-in-tour (time-on-page) over the last 12 months has averaged over 3 minutes

Source: Google Analytics 2/28/17 - 2/27/18

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