Custom 360° Portfolio - Art Gallery

William Matthews Studio

Recently, William Matthews Studio in Denver, Colorado chose TrustedPhoto to capture and publish a Custom Google Street View 360° tour of their beautiful gallery in the up and coming RiNo district.

The client’s attention to detail in preparing their space for photography really shows in this tour. We worked hard to maintain this level of quality through the development of the 360° tour imagery. We’re now proud to showcase this tour here for you.

Navigate through the space easily with the added menu navigation overlay we include with every 360° tour package…

Along with the creation of their 360° tour, we also created a set of professional quality still photos for the studio. Take a look at the set below…

Art Gallery, EventDaniel Holton
Custom 360° Portfolio - Denver Union Station
Thanks again for everything! Everyone at Union Station LOVES the tour.
— Sam G. - Marketing Manager at Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station chose TrustedPhoto to create a Custom Google Street View tour of the entire interior and exterior of the large transportation hub with retail, restaurant and hotel tenants.

During the month of September 2018 we visited the location three times to capture 89 high-resolution 360° views of the plaza and public interior spaces. We also captured 360° imagery of the various room types at The Crawford hotel inside of the Union Station building.

We then went to work to process and publish the expansive tour to Google Maps. We were also tasked with creating a menu navigation overlay system that Union Station will feature on their website (coming Spring 2019). This menu navigation makes it much easier to look all around the facility.

Averaging 3,000 views per month!

Check out Denver Union Station’s tour with menu navigation overlay below…

Are you interested in learning more about the powerful ROI 360° can deliver? If so, please drop us a line!

Custom 360° Portfolio - Event and Entertainment

Bring customers into event and entertainment facilities with high-quality 360° experiences seen on Google, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Custom Virtual Experience 

Unser Karting & Events chose us to create a 360° Experience to show off their awesome indoor karting track and event facility in Denver, Colorado. Check out the action! 

  • Advanced viewing platform works great on nearly all devices.

  • Interactive multimedia features bring the experience to life and keep the viewer engaged.

  • High-resolution HDR panoramic photography brings the experience to life online.

Amazing Engagement!

* BAC Appliance Center Custom 360° Tour  - Avg. Time on Page Mar. 21, 2015 - Mar. 21, 2017 - Source: Google Analytics

*BAC Appliance Center Custom 360° Tour - Avg. Time on Page Mar. 21, 2015 - Mar. 21, 2017 - Source: Google Analytics

Daniel did such an amazing job shooting the Google 360 tour and photos for my salon. It was great working with him and I loved how he took his time to explain everything to me- from setting up the camera to how he could edit the photos. Excellent service and quality of work.
— Eudy Cha, Let Em Have It Salon

Google 360° for Event and Entertainment Facilites, and more!

Locations with custom Google Street View 360° virtual tours stand out on Google.  

We worked with The Wild Game to create high quality 360° tours for their Evergreen and Longmont, Colorado locations. Check out the full tour HERE.

Custom 360° Portfolio - Spa & Fitness

Spas and Fitness Studios can benefit from 360° with increased exposure on Google and more customers through the door.

Custom 360° Virtual Experience for Spas

Woodhouse Day Spa chose us to create 360° tours for their new Golden, Colorado location. The Custom 360° Virtual Experience shown here is only part of how their 360° is being utilized. This imagery has also been published to Google Maps where it's prominently shown on their listing and with search results. 

Google 360° for Spa & Fitness

Spa and Fitness locations with custom Google Street View 360° virtual tours stand out on Google.

NinjaNation an awesome American Ninja Warrior-type facility has taken advantage of custom Google Street View. We've worked with NinjaNation to create beautiful imagery of new locations in Colorado and Texas. With 3 locations and growing fast, NinjaNation looks good on Google!

See inside their Lafayette, Colorado location here...

Custom 360° Portfolio - Outdoor & Adventure

Introduce guests to adventure with our custom 360° experiences.

Custom 360° Virtual Experience for Outdoor and Adventure. 

The next level of online engagement.

Working closely with Western River Expeditions, we covered hundreds of river miles to create Custom 360° Virtual Experiences that give a glimpse into what a Western River trips are all about.

Take a tour of the Grand Canyon in the Custom 360° Virtual Experience shared here...   

Read more about our multi-year project HERE.

Google 360° for Outdoor & Adventure

At TrustedPhoto we love adventuring into nature. We've been fortunate to have worked in some of the American West's greatest places from the Colorado River headwaters high in the Rockies through to the end of Grand Canyon and beyond. We strive to capture the spirit of adventure, in 360°!

We worked with American Adventure Expeditions in Salida, Colorado to push the limits of what can be done with custom Google Street View 360°. With careful planning, and a lot of rigging, we successfully ran some of Colorado's biggest whitewater and captured high-resolution 360° photos while paddling!

Check out the view here from the middle of a Class IV rapid on the Arkansas River in Royal Gorge.

AAE has extensively implemented their Custom 360° Virtual Experiences on their website. Check it out here: 

360° Video Production

Since 2014 we’ve been at the forefront of 360° degree video production. We’re experts in telling the immersive story. 

We’ve made significant investments in equipment, software and training. We’re proud to offer cinema quality 360° video production services for our clients.

We look forward to working with you
to tell your story, immersively.

Custom 360° Portfolio - Restaurant

Create 360° experiences that invite more diners to your tables.

Google 360° for Restaurants

Restaurants with custom Google Street View 360° virtual tours stand out on Google.

On average, restaurant listings that included [Google 360° Tours] had a 30% higher click through to reservations.
— 2013 Google / NYC Restaurant Week - Case Study
Custom 360° Portfolio - Real Estate & Vacation

Increase interest with immersive 360° experiences that stand out online.

Custom Google 360° tours for Real Estate and Vacation Properties

Real Estate and Vacation properties with custom Google Maps Street View 360° virtual tours stand out on Google.  

Check out this tour we created of Windsor at Pinehurst in Lakewood, Colorado.

Custom 360° Virtual Experience

Check out this 4th of July Fireworks view on the Club Level at The Casey Apartments in downtown Denver, Colorado.

We are so happy with the work you did and feel that traffic has increased since the photos went live.
— Casey B. - GP Real Estate Advisors, Inc.
Custom 360° Portfolio - Gallery & Museum

Bringing art to life online in 360°

Custom Google 360° tours for Galleries and Museums

Galleries and Museums with custom Google Street View 360° virtual tours stand out on Google.

Mirada Art Gallery in Indian Hills, Colorado got creative with us during their Google 360° photoshoot. The gallery owner invited a group of friends to become model visitors to the gallery. While protecting their privacy we added life to this fine art gallery tour. Check it out here. 

Custom 360° Portfolio - Education
They are beautiful! I can’t thank you enough. It is amazing! ... I am so impressed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It got rave reviews from my Board of Directors as well!
— Lisa Armao - Director, Montessori School of Washington Park

Google 360° for Educational Institutions

Schools with custom Google Street View 360° virtual tours stand out on Google.

We worked with Regis University in Denver, Colorado to capture over 140 panoramic views of the expansive campus and facilities. Check out the full tour here. 

Custom 360° Portfolio - Retail

We create 360° experiences that invite more customers in the door.

Custom 360° Virtual Experience for Retail

  • Advanced viewing platform works great on nearly all devices.

  • Interactive features bring products to life and keep the viewer engaged.

  • High-resolution HDR panoramic photography brings products to life online.

Amazing Engagement! - Over 3 Minutes Time-on-Page...

*BAC Appliance Center Custom 360° Tour - Avg. Time on Page Mar. 21, 2015 - Mar. 21, 2018 - Source: Google Analytics

Google 360° for Retail

Retail locations with custom Google Street View 360° virtual tours stand out on Google.

Take a tour of Sarkisian's Oriental Rugs and Antiques in Denver, Colorado.

Your work is just amazing and we couldn’t be happier with everything you have helped us with. Thank You!
— Tor S. - Sarkisian's Oriental Rugs
Above average engagement on Facebook using 360° Photos

7-Day Facebook Boosted Ad with high-quality 360° Image. $200 budget. 

With outstanding CTR rates, our client BAC Appliance Centers - A Ferguson Company finds amazing value from the ultra-high quality 360° views we created of their kitchen showrooms in Denver, Colorado. 

Facebook 360° Posts

Facebook is a perfect place to invite visitors to experience the BAC showrooms in 360° / Virtual Reality. We assisted in loading the 360° view of BAC’s GE Kitchen to Facebook at maximum supported resolution (16K!). The view was then boosted with a budget of $200 and 7 days duration. The resulting metrics are simply superb!

The average CTR in the retail sector on Facebook is 1.59% and 0.90% overall (WordStream). BAC’s 360° post leaves those averages in the dust with an overall 4.9% CTR

Organic engagement is also trending very high at 1,948 people reached (nearly 10% of total people reached). In today’s Facebook environment, this level of organic engagement on a business page is far above average. 

Stats (GE Kitchen 360 Post):
People Reached (PAID): 20,043
People Reached (ORGANIC): 1,948
People Reached (Total): 21,991
Total Post Clicks: 1,076
TOTAL CPC: $0.19
TOTAL CPM: $0.91


Google Maps and Custom 360° Experience

360° images have proved also to be a powerful engagement tool for BAC on Google and We worked with BAC to roll-out 360° imagery across multiple channels including:

  • Google Maps

    • Full showroom tour published to Google Maps Street View

    • 89,000+ Views since publish.

  • Custom 360° Experience

    • Clickable products throughout. 

    • Featured multi-media viewable within tour (videos & animations)

    • Featured prominently on

    • Used in-house as a sales companion

    • 3+ Minute Average Time-on-Site!

The analytics from the Custom 360° Experience we created for BAC continue to impress. A CTA was placed on the homepage driving visitors towards the tour. Average visitor time-in-tour (time-on-page) over the last 12 months has averaged over 3 minutes

Source: Google Analytics 2/28/17 - 2/27/18

Call us at (303) 881-8827 or send us a message. We'd love to explore what's possible with you and our 360° photography, 360° video production and marketing capabilities. 

Advanced Custom 360° Virtual Experiences

In 2012 we launched our Custom 360° Virtual Experience platform. Built with the latest technology and served up with low-latency to viewers worldwide, we've continuously striven to develop engaging and stunningly beautiful online 360° experiences. With clients ranging from manufacturers and retailers to adventure and event companies, we've taken a deep-dive into user interface and experience design while increasing the quality of our 360° photography and 360° video imagery by leaps and bounds. 

We're proud to share these examples built using our next generation Custom 360° Virtual Experience platform.

Customized branding, sidebar navigation, social sharing, and in-tour multimedia are all new features designed to boost customer engagement and bring customers through the door. 

Please check out the brand new experiences below we've created for Unser Karting and Events, and DACOR Appliance's new show kitchen at BAC Appliance Center


DACOR Appliances

Direct Link:

Now flying!

Our co-founder Daniel has passed the FAA's Part 107 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot exam and is now a licensed drone pilot.

We're excited to get our cameras back in the sky to create stunning aerial imagery for our clients.

We're working on innovative perspectives such as this high-resolution "tiny planet" 360° view with enough resolution to print up to 6 ft wide! Museum quality printing and framing available...

Rates starting as low as $150/hr. Please contact us today to schedule a flight.